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Fully funded PhD position available with SWBio DTP in collaboration with Prof. Chris Willis (Bristol University). Project info:  Apply here Deadline 4 Dec. 2023

Funded positions will be advertised here when available and on the University website. We are always open to informal enquiries from highly motivated students and postdocs with an interest in:

  • Natural product biosynthesis & applications

  • Fungal biotechnology

  • Fungal genetics

  • Metabolomics &  Bioinformatics

MSc final-year student

The group usually hosts final-year projects in microbiology, biotechnology and natural products. Interested students are invited to contact Claudio about potential projects.

Summer placements and Year in Industry

Students interested in pursuing a summer placement or Year in Industry within the group are advised to contact Claudio early in the academic year so that suitable funding can be arranged.

PhD applicants

Funded positions will be advertised when available. Prospective UK and International applicants should contact Claudio with CV and motivation statement. For more information, check the Swansea University pagePhD overview requirements and research scholarships available.

Postdoctoral applicants

Applicants interested in applying for independent funding should contact Claudio well before their anticipated start date and indicate which fellowships they plan to apply for. They should include a CV, short motivation statement and the contact information of three references. Outstanding candidates will receive assistance with fellowship applications.

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